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This is the text from the Weekly Bulletin of the church of Christ meeting at 901 Disston Avenue, South; Gulfport, Florida.

It is dated Saturday, March 13, 1948
and was written by

William Alan Cameron

(8-14-1870, 11-20-1959).


By “Cherry Sink” we mean the community called by that name, about 8 miles in the country from the town of Trenton, Florida. Many years ago the community was christened by that name, because of a lime sink therein, in which grows a cherry tree. The name is all right and so is the community.

In 1902 that section was poorly developed and sparsely settled, but about a half a dozen christians living in a radius of a few miles began thinking about organizing a congregation at the place where are the present house now stands. In September of that year I was called there (was no other preacher of the church of Christ in the southern part of the state for them to call) to talk the matter over, consider the prospects and plan the work to be done. I went and was there seven days, during which our missionary Baptist neighbors very kindly allowed us to use their chapel a few hundred yards from our present location.
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The unanimous decision was that there ought to be a working congregation at that place, that it was right and feasible and the building of a house in which to worship was possible. So, with that determination the building of the house was begun, and I returned for a two weeks meeting in our own new house during the Christmas holidays. We were a little afraid of the time for a religious meeting, but it turned out fine. True, the house had no ceiling in it, and no way to heat it inside, but we built a BIG log fire just outside the door, by which we would warm when the cold got too cold "C" and that whether was cold. I mean COLD, and my, my, what generous cracks those walls did have, but the people kept coming and the preacher kept preaching, and even in that Florida arctic weather the congregation was born and for the past forty six years it has continued to grow and prosper, and from there has gone out christians into all parts of this great country.

During the past forty six years, the brethren have rebuilt, and remodeled and repaired the first house as and when conditions demanded, until they decided two years ago that a NEW house was imperative.

With that purpose in mind they began in 1946 to lay their plans and in early in 1947 they started the building. They had untold difficulties to overcome, and many obstacles hindered the work, but all kept pushing ahead and none said quit, therefore the house was finished and ready for occupancy the fifth Sunday in February, 1948.

The building is constructed of concrete blocks and trimmed with red brick, the inside is finished in oak and it is a beautiful structure inside and out, and better still, it is arranged for real service in the work of the church. It costs something over $8000 and would be a splendid asset any community.

When the house was ready, I was invited to preach the first sermon therein and to conduct my FIFTY-FOURTH meeting in the community which was a very great pleasure to me. The morning service consisted of the regular worship and a sermon on the subject, Why Was This House Built? The afternoon service was devoted to songs and short talks by many brethren and the meetings continued each evening until the following Sunday night, during which eight persons were baptized.

In the Gilchrist County Journal’s write-up of the occasion, they reported 800 people present. We did not count them, but the visitors register shows that there were people there from Trenton, Live Oak, Lutz, Fort Pierce, Dunellon, Tampa, Morriston, Plant City, Cocoa, Bushnell, Gainesville, High Springs, Alachua, Cedar Key, Bell, Chiefland, Lake City, Newberry, Jacksonville, Midway, and Dasher, Georgia.

All in all, it was a wonderful and a happy occasion. The day was beautiful, the dinner was bountiful and the order of that great crowd of people was all anyone could ask, It was splendid. YES, it sure was a long reach from the Christmas holiday meeting in 1902 to the Fifth Sunday in February in 1948 at CHERRY SINK.

Brethern, we congratulate you again, and pray God’s richest blessings to attend your way, even, unto the home, JUST OVER THERE.

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